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Inge Zelewitz is a South African artist born and raised in Somerset West, Western Cape and together with her husband and two small children they still live in the beautiful Helderberg basin.


Since she was a little girl, there has always been a big interest in drawing. This included taking a permanent marker and drawing all over the walls in their home.  Today, Inge can experience a beautiful full circle, as she and her family have bought the very house she grew up in. Her children are now continuing this drawing adventure, using the charcoal from the fireplace to get creative on living room walls…


In high school a knee injury forced her to move her attention from sports to the arts, where she had the opportunity to play a lead role in the school’s play, which paved the way for future stage creations.


Inge then studied Art at the University of Stellenbosch, where she majored in Illustration and graduated with a BA Degree in Graphic Design.


After working as a Graphic Designer for an advertising agency in Cape Town, Inge started her own business in décor and fashion styling for shopping centres in and around Cape Town.


Here she could transform her concepts and artistic designs to bring visual stages to life, filled with fashion and décor.  She is a three time winner of the J&B Met styling contest, a leading annual South African horse racing and fashion event.


Inge is an advanced dancer and has performed in many shows and competitions throughout her school years. The combination of drama, dance and art education; skilled her to produce a full length theatrical production in the local theatre.


Inge and her husband were the youth leaders of their church at the time and felt compelled to bring the message of hope and love to their youth group through the Arts. Inge did the script writing, directing, choreographing, set design as well as costume design.


This theatrical experience has lead her to write poems and combine her writings and drawings in art pieces that convey a specific spiritual relevance. Although her creative expressions and mediums may differ, the root will always stay the same: God’s divine Word. Inge started illustrating with ink and a toothpick (toothpickINK®) in her final year as a Graphic Design student. This technique introduced her to new, uncontrolled marks. A love affair was born that continued to grow stronger throughout her career. The free ink sketches became the launching pad to new creations: Fine Art and Digital Designs.


Her Contemporary paintings is layers of paint that creates a vibrant image, full of different strokes and textures.  This guides her into the next level of the artistic process. She then paints various themes over the first layer that are expressive in nature. Her graphic design skills is defiantly used in the design of the animals and faces painted over the abstract backgrounds. Inge INK’s creative writings and drawings collide to convey a spiritual truth that she has come to know.


Her desire is that her art will act as an universal language that the audience can relate with in shared experiences of pain and joy.